Photography for Emotional presentations


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DATE: September 3rd
WHERE: Sirona Sydney

This intensive 1 day course is designed to help take your dental photography to the next level,  it specifically focuses on extra-oral documentation, portrait photography that will assist you in improving the way you present cases to your patients for better case acceptance.

The course will focus specifically on taking predictable and high-quality extra-oral photographs as well as increasing your skillset and portfolio with the use of truly artistic portraits for emotional patient presentations.

You will be provided with templates to ensure that your cases presentations have a ‘WOW” factor.

In this course, you will

  • Demystify the DSLR. Working with DSLR is simple and easy
  • Understand how  your digital camera works
  • Get confident setting your camera
  • Always be ready to shoot
  • Choose your equipment according to your needs
  • Master Extraoral photography
  • Learn to use simple setups for beauty portrait
    Simple setups for before and after videos

We are delighted to be able to offer this course as premiere avoiding a trip to Spain for this excellent program. As this course is largely a hands-on program, places are very strictly limited.

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